Reveal Series

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Reveal Series Statement

Communication is an act of revelation. The Reveal Series combines textile motifs (cultural language) and calligraphic movement (written language) to express humanity's potential. Whether knots unbinding or sheaves of paper unfolding, the works illustrate the illuminative power of discovery. Knots serve to bind, fasten, and connect. When loosed, they reveal. The knots, folds, and turns of the Reveal Series are frozen in the act of revelation. They are a snapshot of movement and change - symbolic of the progression humans experience in self-actualization - learning who we are, and becoming who we want to be.

Many Reveal Series knot installations are carved with ikat patterns to further emphasize the subject matter of knots and folds and the cultural language of textiles. Ikat is a textile technique where threads are bound, dyed, and unbound to create pattern. Creating traditional ikat requires precision. The final woven textile patterns, however, look soft and blurry. There is an inherent contrast between how it looks and how it is made. The carved ikat lines resemble shimmering, moving light. The cut openings cast points of light on the inside of the object and on the outside space - glowing on the pedestal or wall behind it. These starry bits of light are emblematic of transformation - a concept I continue to be inspired by.

...hand carved, hand painted, hand formed...