Jennifer Falck Linssen

Flow Series

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Flow Series Statement

It's a long distance north to south along the flyways and migration routes from Canada and the Upper Midwest to the Gulf Coast and South American rain forests. Against great odds birds migrate this distance each year. The impetus for Flow, an exhibition and series on bird migration, began one cold January week when I escaped the frozen north for the lush green vegetation and mild temperatures of the Florida coast.

As I hiked and kayaked, I noticed the dense populations of birds making their winter home along the coast. It was with curiosity and wonder that I watched and studied these small creatures, considering the great lengths they traveled as they cross the continent.

With this thought in mind and as the seasons passed that year, I began to consider how my surroundings in northern Wisconsin served their needs each summer and how each patch of land north to south served them as well. This habitat, though exceedingly diverse and often compromised, is essential. It was those connections that spurred artworks on these varied and beautiful creatures and the habitat that supports them.

...hand carved, hand painted, hand formed...