Jennifer Falck Linssen




The foundation of my artwork lies in the ancient Japanese paper and textile traditions of katagami and katazome. My artwork takes the stencil (katagami) and recontextualizes it by exploring the sculptural possibilities of the handcarved "stencil" in and of itself. I combine katagami carving, stitching, and metalwork as I explore these ancient traditions. To learn more about my contemporary katagami artwork and the ancient traditions behind it, please explore my website or feel free to email me at

So, just what are katagami?

Traditional katagami are handcarved paper stencils used in the Japanese printing and dyeing process of katazome. For more information, please click on FAQ.


My sculpture and low-relief paintings are first developed through a series of sketches. Each sketch is an exploration and refinement of the form, carving plan, and identity of the piece. The final three-dimensional piece is engineered out of flat archival paper. Multiple pattern pieces are first mocked up to assess the shape of the sculpture. Initial layers of colored pigments are painted on each piece. The pattern pieces are then handcarved. The carved and shaped pieces are stitched and woven with metal and waxed linen. In the sculpture's final state, it is dyed, painted, patinaed, and varnished.

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...hand carved, hand painted, hand formed...