Jennifer Falck Linssen

Written in the Stars detail

detail - Written in the Stars

I create sculpture in handcarved paper, metal, and natural woven elements, which explore the delicacy of nature, the beauty of line, and the transformation of light and space. Through my work's investigation of both natural and man-made patterns, I seek to understand how pattern lends overall strength to an object, and how light itself can be molded and shaped to conceptually express moments which embrace nature's change, rebirth, resiliency, and endurance. The interaction of light, carved patterns, and shifting shadows combine with the architectural shape to sculpt an ever-changing landscape in space around each piece.

I use an ancient Japanese paper carving skill - katagami - to create my work. Katagami are handcarved flat paper stencils. This 1,200-year-old technique is traditionally used to resist-print kimono textiles in katazome. By drawing with a small knife on mulberry and cotton papers and shaping this carved paper into three-dimensional sculpture, I recontextualize the humble stencil - sculpting forms of pattern, shadow, and light.

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...hand carved, hand painted, hand formed...